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The materials used by UltraThin are the same products issued by the US Government and provided by the same suppliers. You can rest assured that your ribbon set, medal set, or nametag meet all your services requirements.


Ultra-Thin WWII Victory Medal ImageMilitary Medals

Military medals, both large and miniature (mess dress), can be mounted with the UltraThin method. The results are a neat and professional medal set.


Ordering Options:
1. Order medals from us: See the directions for large or miniature below.
2. Select your medals and place on the order form.
1. Send us your medals. We will use your medallion to rebuild your medals using new ribbons. Cost is $4.00 per medal.
2. Print a copy of the order form and mail your medals to us for mounting.

Ultra-Thin Miniature Medal Set, Air Force

Miniature Medals

Purchase from us: Cost is $9.00 per medal and includes mounting.


Send us your medals: We will use your medallion to rebuild your medals using new ribbons. Cost is $4.00 per medal.




Full Size Medals

We can provide replacement full size medals. (Click here for prices.) Please note that the price shown includes mounting into your set.

We will mount or rebuild the medals you provide at $4.00 per medal. Rebuilding includes providing a new drape (the cloth portion of your medal) and mounting.

Ultra-Thin Kuwait Liberation Medal image

Magnetic Ribbons

UltraThin magnetics allow you to attach ribbons to your shirt without poking holes. Put them on or take them off as many times as you wish: you'll find no telltale holes left in the shirt. Magnetics are not for use on the service dress coat due to the increased fabric thickness nor with medal set. To order, check the box for magnetic fastener and add $4.00 to the "Additional Services" block on the order form

Unlike most custom ribbon sets, devices on your UltraThin ribbons can be updated. If you do this yourself, please use a small amount of white glue (no clear adhesives). If you prefer to return them to us for updating, include the amount for the cost for the number of devices added, a $1.50 service charge, and the return shipping charges.

Name Tags

Your name tag should be as clean and new as your ribbons. We can supply regulation plastic name tags for all services, in either pin back or magnetic. Indicate your branch of service, include $4.00 for each name tag ordered with pins or $6.00 for each magnetic name tag




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