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Ultra-Thin How to Order

Your custom-made set of UltraThin ribbons or medals is as close as your mailbox. Our new graphical interface rack builder makes it easier than ever. To begin select Build Your Rack from the menu or go directly to the RackBuilder to begin your order. Help is available all along the way.

Complete the order form with the decorations and devices you desire. Submit your order form electronically or print the order form and fax or mail it to the address shown below.

Because your ribbons and/or medals are hand-fit and assembled to your specifications, please double check the proper selection and arrangement. Errors can normally be repaired, but there will be a service charge for fixing sets ordered with the wrong ribbons or medals. We can also update devices on an existing set for a small service charge.

To Pay by Credit Card:

You can safely order online using our online order form. 

If you are uncomfortable placing your credit card information on this form, you can submit the form and then provide the card information by:

Telephone: (800) 758-7265
Fax: (800) 962-1451
Email: orders@ultrathin.com

To Pay by Money Order or Check:

If you prefer to pay by money order or personal check, please print the text copy of your order form, including the ribbon list and pricing and mail it with your payment to:

P.O. Box 7128
Moore, OK 73153 USA

A payment calculator is also available to assist you. Because we make every set of ribbons for a specific individual, we are unable to provide COD service.

Your order is on its way!

Whichever method you choose, we will normally ship your set from our location 7 days or less from the date we receive your payment., but please allow sufficient time for your order during the high demand periods. See the FAQ page for more information.


Ultra-Thin MiniMedal Set


Ultra-Thin Ribbon Set Image

Ultra-Thin Ribbon Set End View





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