UltraThin Help
Awards Selection and Validation
A list of your awards will be inserted here after you select them by clicking the link below the bos. The link will open an new window which will allow you to choose all of your awards, arrange them the way you wish, apply your devices and see your final arrangement. This box should be completed even if you only want medals as the medals selection will draw all of your medals out of this arrangement and set the ribbons aside.
Alternate Configuration
This area is used if you have an alternate configuration of your ribbon set (staggered, offset, top-3, reversed for wear with medals), or for a second set of ribbons for another individual. Clicking the link below the box will return you to the ribbon selection menu where you can choose or modify your ribbons. If you only wish a different configuration, selecting all text in the box above and pasting it into the bottom of the page that pops up will allow you to duplicate the set then rearrange the rows as you wish. NOTE that a medal set listing can NOT be generated from this box, only from the primary box above.
Order of Precedence
Selection of order of precedence and it's effect on the set, include note about mixed services
Show Ribbon Choices
Selection of ribbons from alternate services, periods of service, or locations of service.
Ribbon Selection Area
Choose ribbons, hover to see name, click to see description, when ready to choose your ribbons click box.
Select Your Ribbons
Select this box when you are ready to choose the awards you have been presented. Once you have checked the box, click on each ribbon that you desire to add to your set. If you make an erroneous choice, simply click "undo". The program does not care in which order you select the ribbons, it will position them correctly according to the precedence you selected above. If you cannot find a ribbon that you need, select a new list in the 'show' box at the top of the page. This will not change the precedence and will place the ribbon in the proper position.
Select Your Devices and Attachments
Devices and Attachments can be selected as you go (pick ribbon, pick device, pick new ribbon) or select all ribbons then select all devices. The only difference between the two methods being the undo button as it will undo in exactly the same order you added. This is the one area where the order of selection does matter to your image. If you need a gold star, then a V, then another gold star they must be selected in that order. This will only affect your image as we will put them in the proper size and location when built. Click on a device to select it, a red box will appear around it, then click on the ribbon you wish to place it on. As long as the red box is around a device you will continue to place that type device until you make a new selection.
Tip: We will place devices according to the regulations of your service no matter which order you select them or how they appear on the ribbon. IF you wish to more finely position your devices for the image, there are spacers at each end of the first like of devices which will allow you to nudge the devices into position. For example the Armed Forces Reserve Medal with hourglass and M would be (Hourglass, 1/4space, M, space,1/4space) to put them into the correct spacing.

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