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Terms and Conditions

UltraThin is here to serve the ribbon and medal needs of veterans and service members.

UltraThin Four by black fillPrivacy: We will never sell your information, and your credit card information is kept securely. We value your privacy. Please note the "https" before www.ultrathin.com in your address bar. This is your guarantee that your information is going straight to us, safe from prying eyes.

Refunds: You may return your order for a refund within two weeks of receipt, however the refund will be reduced to cover shipping and handling.

Shipping Policy

Delivery times will vary by time of year and world events, but will normally be made and delivered in less than two weeks. If you are ordering during a high demand period, please allow sufficient time for you order. If you have specific requirements indicate them with your order or call for current delivery times.

Because your ribbons and/or medals are hand-fit and assembled to your specifications, please double check the proper selection and arrangement. If you have any questions contact us. Errors can normally be repaired, but there may be a service charge for fixing sets ordered with incorrect awards. We can also update devices on an existing set for a small service charge.

Return Policy

Your satisfaction with the delivered product is guaranteed. Should you be dissatisfied, simply return the order within two weeks of receiving the shipment. Reasonable fees for shipping and handling will be deducted from the refund.

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E-Mail: info@ultrathin.com

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